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An archiving/compressing program is an important part of your computer’s software arsenal. WinZip 16 is the latest version of a popular piece of compressing and archiving software that allows users to create archives of files that compresses them making storage or emailing easier. WinZip is not free, but users are allowed to use an evaluation copy. However, you will be continuously prompted to purchase a license.

Installing WinZip wasn’t difficult, but it isn’t one of those programs you could mindlessly hit “next” with. WinZip (at least the evaluation copy) comes with added software that many users won’t appreciate. Quick Installation is the default setting and you are prompted to install products from Blekko and AVG antivirus. Choosing advanced installation allows you to sidestep these issues.

The user interface looks simple with a few large icons adorning WinZip’s ribbon feature. There is one banner ad at the top. However it is possible that this is present only in the evaluation copies. Tips are shown at startup which you can disable and the program runs easily but it prompts you to register your copy.

Unzipping files (which is what most users will use the program for) is not complicated. Once installed, right-clicking on any zip or rar file reveals the WinZip menu. You can extract to a variety of locations including the current location of the zip file itself. If you don’t wish to extract the file the right click context menu will also allow you to encrypt or email it as well.

However, if you also want to take the hassle out of emailing multiple files or if you need to save some disc space, then WinZip will help you with that as well. Creating a new archive using the program isn’t the absolute easiest thing to do, but once you get the hang of it it will go smoothly. WinZip’s ribbon feature places all the major operations right on the main window.

The overall look of the interface is clean and uncomplicated. Buttons are present to create a new archive and to open an existing one.

The new 16.5 version of WinZip comes with a basket of other handy features such as the ability to encrypt files, to automate file backup and archiving and, faster zipping and unzipping and even the ability to share files on Facebook.

WinZip is an indispensable program. Although beginners might find it a little daunting, learning to use it will ultimately rewards the user. Although you are prompted to purchase the program, the evaluation copy will suit most users fine.

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Jeremy C.
Jeremy Cocker
  • + Easy Unzipping
  • + Lots of handy features such as emailing files
  • - Creating archives can be somewhat complicated
  • - Bloatware

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