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Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Windows
  • Version 24.3
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Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Windows
  • Version 24.3
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In the past, I’ve always skipped email-centric programs like Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. It wasn’t until I had multiple accounts - work, personal, shopping, etc - on several different providers that I began to understand why these applications are so popular.

Briefly, an email app like Thunderbird allows you to send emails, read emails, delete emails - basically, whatever you would do using the interface your email provider gives you. However, Outlook and Thunderbird and their like allow you to gather all your email from various accounts into one place - a service that, until recently, you couldn’t get from standard email servers.

Mozilla Thunderbird is free and it’s been around for awhile, so you’re not wasting money on an untested program. But do you need it?

Download and Installation
Both of these went lickety-split on my machine. Download was just over one minute on my midrange DSL connection, and installation was just under the one minute mark. The setup process - which initially turned me off from other email programs - was as simple as filling in a few questions. Altogether, we were up and running in about 5 minutes with no glitches.

User Interface, Performance, and Support
The user interface for Mozilla Thunderbird is likely to feel familiar. It’s a combination of tabs and columns, with a couple of large windows. Drag the lower window down, and you’ll get a generous area for your inbox. All functions worked as I expected, and support - found on Mozilla Thunderbird’s website via forums and articles - is extensive.

One thing that worried me about this program was its open-source roots, which raises security concerns in my mind. However, Mozilla has added some features to protect user information, such as encryption, authentication measures, and privacy settings.

Overall the program worked well, but I did have one major gripe: I wasn’t able to access my email aliases, which I use to separate work emails from personal. But if you have multiple accounts and you haven’t set up email forwarding to your main email account, Mozilla Thunderbird does offer a convenient solution.


  • FIXED: Security fixes
  • FIXED: Improved handling of reply-to

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February 05, 2014
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February 05, 2014



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Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003,

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Jeremy C.
Jeremy Cocker
  • + Works as expected, and it’s free
  • - No support for email aliases

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Ben Guinter
posted Unknown

My rating:


My review:

If you're looking for an alternative to Microsoft Outlook then you need to check out Mozilla Thunderbird 16.0.2. This free software will work on any Windows system, from 2000 to 7, and it's pretty much just email software that you can use right from your desktop.

The software installs pretty quickly and then you can walk through the process of getting everything set up. You have the option of setting up a new email if you like, but you can also use an email that you already have as well. And, unless you want to pay to use your email, I'd recommend you use an email that you already have, because added a new email through this software seems to have a price tag on it.

And it's really easy to get it set up, just make sure you pick the right configuration or it might say that your password is wrong. There are only two configuration choices, so don't worry too much about that. But in all honesty, I never really understood the advantage to using software like this, whenever you can just view your email online.

I mean, if you hate the interface of your email service, then I could understand why you'd want to use software like this. The Thunderbird interface is pretty nice, and with some of my business email inboxes I'd rather use Thunderbird for them, because this interface is definitely an upgrade. But for my Hotmail, Yahoo email or Gmail, I think I'd be quite fine with avoiding extra software like this.

I will admit that it is nice how you can open different folders in tabs, and there are three different layout views, but I don't really think I would use something like this myself. But if you're not happy with the interface you're given to use with your email online, then it might be worth taking Thunderbird for a spin.


  • + Has a Nice Interface
  • + Easy to Use


  • - Unneeded Software