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Hotspot Shield

  • Windows
  • Version 3.32
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Hotspot Shield

  • Windows
  • Version 3.32
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Hotspot Shield allows users to create a simple VPN (Virtual Private Network) that enables safe surfing of the net from computers, mobile devices, tablets or other handheld devices. With additional features that are specific to snooping, hacking and offering a secure HTTPS connection at all times, most users will benefit from this travel friendly protection system that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Installing Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Free offers a basic membership version that is free to download. Hotspot Shield Elite is offered in conjunction with a 7 day free trial, with the option to buy now. Hotspot Shield may also be downloaded to your Apple device here, and Android device here. Available on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.5-10.8, installation is fast with each step prompted along.

User Interface

Hotspot Shield is a discreet application that has some customizable features that are simple to use. The option to connect and disconnect, check the security status at any time and allow for selective or full-time protection is useful. The design is simple and uncomplicated, with every level user able to work out how to turn protection on and off with one simple click.

Main Features of Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has two versions, the first offers HTTPS security, anonymous IP browsing and malware protection. Hotspot Shield Elite features this plus malware protection, ad free browsing, dedicated Elite support and access to a dedicated Elite network.

Popular features:

Protects users from identity theft online
Access content privately without censorship; bypassing firewalls
Protects from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices

Hotspot Shield runs on:

Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard)
Mac OS X (10.6 Snow Leopard)
Mac OS X (10.7 Lion)
Mac OS X (10.8 Mountain Lion)

Evaluation and Support

Hotspot Shield is a great addition for any computer user who is looking for simple and safe ways to browse the internet; with dedicated features that protect against snooping, hacking and other malicious attacks. This software is an ideal counterpart to mobile and handheld devices or for those who travel frequently and use unsecured networks. The option for technical support and customer service is limited to Elite members only.


When looking for a quick fix, Hotspot Shield is a great way to protect you when using unsecured or unfamiliar networks. Travelers may find the free version of Hotspot Shield useful, its ability to download quickly and protect against snooping and hacking prevalent at airports and hotels is ideal. Long-term users will enjoy the benefits of HTTPS secure online browsing at all times.


New version introduces a few major UI and Functionality changes.
Now Hotspot Shield for Windows has 2 Modes available:

  • Maximal Mode: The conventional "Maximal" mode keeps Hotspot Shield VPN on to give you the privacy, anonymity and security all the time. It has the same functionality as previous Hotspot Shield versions (ability to switch virtual locations, malware protection);
  • Auto Mode: This is a new way of protecting you only when it's necessary. We automatically detect when you are connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi, then turn Hotspot Shield VPN on. It does not provide virtual location options (your real IP will not be hidden).

Full Specifications


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January 22, 2014
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February 10, 2014



System requirements

Operating systems
Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,

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8 MB


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Jeremy C.
Jeremy Cocker
  • + Option of a free version or a free 7 day Elite trial
  • + It protects against snooping, hacking and Wi-Fi spots
  • + It's easy to use and installs quickly
  • - Users are encouraged to test the Elite 7 day free trial without payment notification
  • - The free version doesn't offer that much more than a typical antivirus software
  • - Ads are present in the free or trial versions

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