What Type of Software Geek Are You?

    • Added: 2013/03/15
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    Did you know that in the past geeks were circus people, famous for performing quaint feats? Well, they’re not anymore. The meaning of this very popular expression has changed. Would you be likely to say it refers to a freaky, overly intellectual computer expert? Our research shows that 65% of American video game designers would call themselves geeks, while 31% of Americans think geeks have a higher chance of achieving success in life. So maybe it is cool to be perceived as a geek these days? Check out our infographic to find out if you “fit” the description! ;)


    Well, no matter what sort of geek or how geeky you are, feel welcome on Our brand new catalog of Windows and Mac applications is within your reach – enjoy free downloads!

  • LoL

    exaggerated, stereotype-based portraits, but I love the Mac Geek association here, there’s something true about it :P

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