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    The Hunting Season on Has Come to an End

    Many thanks to all the hunters, who got involved and let the game go on! The smartest and most conscientious Geeks met a challenge and grabbed cool apps that best suited their needs. I give accolades to the winners! I realize my riddles were a tough nut sometimes, but you guys made it! Glad to [...]

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  • present-for-mother-software
    What Software for Your Mom? It Comes Mother’s Day!

    Don’t forget about our beloved mothers on their day. And yes your mom uses computer too and it can be that on higher level what you imagine. But even that you can make that using computer by your mom will be safer, funnier and quicker. We are proposing some free software which you can install [...]

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    Grand Software Hunt Giveaway is On!

    That’s right! The Software Hunting Season has been officially opened and more than 2000 cool apps are ready to be hunted! How to get one of the great pieces of software for free? 1. Log in to (or register if you haven’t yet). 2. Hover over the question mark on my chest to see [...]

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  • Security-image
    The Best 2013 Security Suites

    Security sites are constantly being innovated, and newer more efficient versions of existing software are constantly available for download. Most security vendors have already released their 2013 versions, some of which came out in fall 2012. Here’s a list of some of the best sites for 2013. Norton’s Internet Security is the topmost security in [...]

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  • unlock-blocked-sites
    How to Use Freegate to Access Blocked Sites

    Accessing the blocked websites is possible now thanks to proxy tools such as Freegate. No matter what the reason of inaccessibility is, censorship may be no longer a problem for billions of users around the world. There is a variety of settings in software like Freegate that assure anonymity. But the easiness of Freegate is [...]

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    Five of the Best Partition Managers

    Using partitions to segregate hard drives makes a lot of sense these days because these storage devices have never been so big. Dividing hard drives makes it much more convenient to organize your files on various drives. It also makes it exceedingly easy to reinstall software like Windows without having to back up all your [...]

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  • Opera
    11 Essential Extensions for Opera 11

    The latest edition of Opera, Opera 11, added extension support with around 200 add-ons. Presently, the number of add-ones has grown to 400, and developers are doing their very best to create more. Download the ‘Helper’; it is an add-on that you will find very convenient as it helps you save time when visiting sites [...]

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  • photoshop
    How to Install a Plug-in in Photoshop

    Using plug-ins is a great way to increase the functionality of your Photoshop software. You have the option of optimizing your image’s appearance, or adding filter options. However, if you do not know how to install plug-ins, you will not be able to use them. Most of the time, plug-ins do not come with instructions [...]

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  • microsoft
    Microsoft Ready to Launch Lync-Skype Integration

    Microsoft recently demonstrated for the very first time, the assimilation of its Skype product and the Lync enterprise IM. Lync is its video and audio conferencing server, and Skype on the other hand, is Microsoft’s reply to the IT industry’s recent trend. The Lync conference held in San Diego by Microsoft witnessed the company’s officials [...]

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  • tuneup pc
    The Best TuneUp Utilities

    New computers boot up very fast and are a pleasure to use. However, no matter how old your personal computer (PC) is, you could still ensure that its performance remains top-notch with a good TuneUp utility. This application works to repair all the wear and tear that occurs within hard drives over time. Some of [...]

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